So, whilst difficult, it is possible to work in Aerospace in the USA (classified under defence/ITAR) if you are added to TAAs or export licenses approved for non-US people. Aussies can apply for E3 Visa. Not having US citizenship hangs over every activity however and the jobs are rare – most companies just think it’s too hard and say US only. Still, These people have succeeded and you can ask them advice:

Some great advice from one of our expats: “It’s really easy for Australian’s to work for Rocket Lab in NZ. Then, if you impress them they’re willing to relocate you to the US and pay for a a DSP-5 license to get you covered for ITAR/EAR compliance. You have to sort your E3 yourself though”.

Position and Company Name Location Twitter
University of Ontario – Professor of Health Informatics including Real-time Online Health Analytics during Spaceflight Carolyn McGregor Canada – Ontario
University Astronomer Bryan Gaensler Canada – Ontario @SciBry
PhD MIT Jessica Todd USA – Boston, MA
Orion Vehicle Engineer Vanessa Clark USA – Denver, CO
Retired, NASA Andrew Thomas USA – Houston, TX
Aerospace Engineering Professor – California Polytechnic State University Amelia Greig USA – CA
NASA/CIT Kepler Scientist Jessie Christiansen USA – LA, CA @aussiastronomer
SpaceX Mark Blair USA – LA, CA
NASA JPL Elizabeth Jens USA – LA, CA
NASA JPL David Flannery USA – LA, CA
NASA JPL Rob Reid USA – LA, CA @rrfx
NASA JPL Abigail Allwood USA – LA, CA @AbigailAllwood
NASA JPL Ben Morrell USA – LA, CA
NASA JPL Sisir Karumanchi USA – LA, CA
NASA JPL Miles Smith USA – LA, CA
NASA JPL Stephen Rodan USA – LA, CA
NASA JPL Kathryn Bormann USA – LA, CA
President, The Spaceship Company Enrico Palermo USA – Mojave, CA
PhD – Space Engineering Tasman Powis USA – Princeton, NJ
Boeing – Manager/Strategy Development Reece Lumsden USA – Seattle, WA
Blue Origin – Structural Design Engineer Thomas McLean USA – Seattle, WA
Data Collective – Entrepreneur in Residence Chris Boshuizen USA – Valley, CA @cboshuizen
NASA Ames – Software Engineer Andrew Henry USA – Valley, CA @andrew_k_henry
NASA Ames Jasper Wolfe USA – Valley, CA @jasper_wolfe
NASA Ames Elizabeth Blaber USA – Valley, CA
NASA Ames James Chartes USA – Valley, CA
NASA JSC Rogan Shimmin USA – Houston, TX
Tauri Group / QxBranch Michael Brett USA – Washington DC @MichaelSBrett
Lockheed Martin Michelle Courtney USA

Expats not listed yet and those with incomplete details! Please let us know:





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Advice for other Aussies looking to work in space?