Working in Europe is quite simple. It certainly helps if you have citizenship so look at your family and take advantage of any past lineage that entitles you to an EU passport! Otherwise the space industry in Europe is open to any nationality that has an EU work permit/residency as long as you have either a Masters/PhD or 4 years of professional work experience.

Position and Company Name Location Twitter
Aerospace Masters (Former ESA Intern) Harry Lucas Czech Republic – Prague
GOMspace Michael Kretzenbacher Denmark – Aalborg
Airbus Defence and Space – Spacecraft Software Engineer Emile Victor France – Toulouse @EmileVictor
Space Masters Hamish McPhee France – Toulouse
Airbus Defence and Space Karl Wittwer Germany – Bremen
Airbus Defence and Space Dean Mosseveld Germany – Bremen
OHB Process Qualification Engineer Brad Lockett Germany – Bremen
OHB Space Systems Engineer Mark Fittock Germany – Bremen
DLR Business Engineer Olga Trivailo Germany – Cologne
ESA ISS Flight Controller EAC Andrea Boyd Germany – Cologne @AusAndgie7
RTL and CGI Dwight Steven-Boniecki Germany – Cologne @SF_Skylab
ESA Communications ESOC Lisa Guilpain Germany – Darmstadt @LisaWellard
Airbus – Head of Future Navigation Programs Noah Saks Germany – Friedrichshafen
ArianeGroup Systems Engineer Samuel Webster Germany – Ottobrunn
DLR Group Leader Combustion Dynamics Justin Hardi Germany – Moeckmuehl
Airbus Defence and Space Claire Baker Germany – Munich
PhD IRS – Uni Stuttgart Ben Kefford Germany – Stuttgart
DLR Research Engineer Ashley Chadwick Germany – Stuttgart
Astrophysics Postdoc Alex Kyriacou Germany – Wuppertal
SKA – Astrophysics Steven Tingay Italy – Bologna
Masters – Space Engineering Edward Mercieca Netherlands – Delft
Space Systems Engineer – Science [&] Technology Paul Stewart Netherlands – Delft
Spacecraft Development Manager ESTEC Orson Sutherland Netherlands – Noordwijk
Industrial Cost Auditor ESTEC Anna Krizova Netherlands – Noordwijk
ESA Project Controller ESTEC Peeter Wilkinson Netherlands – Noordwijk
System and CDF Engineer ESTEC Andrew Wolahan Netherlands – Noordwijk
ESA AOCS Engineer ESTEC Andrew Hyslop Netherlands – Noordwijk
ESA Research Fellow ESTEC Sarah Wittig Netherlands – Noordwijk
ASML Scott Fisher Netherlands – Eindhoven
University Twente Professor of GIS and EO Andrew Skidmore Netherlands – Enschede
PhD – Thermodynamics / Space Propulsion – Uni of Cambridge Nicholas Jamieson UK – Cambridge
Airbus Defence and Space – Spacecraft Engineering Manager Neil Dunbar UK – Stevenage
Airbus Defence and Space Joshua Lurie UK – Stevenage
Open Geospatial Consortium – Executive Director, Communication and Outreach Denise McKenzie UK – Hampshire
Kings College London Centre of Human & Aerospace Physiological Sciences – Space Physiology & Health Programme Director. Aerospace & Extreme Environment Coordinator Thomas Smith, MD UK – London
Postdoc Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling Natalia Galin UK – London
PhD Imperial College London (Former ESA YGT)  Eloise Matherson UK – London
Imperial College London – Instrumentation Engineer  Niraj Tailor UK – London
SKA Deputy Head of Communications Mathieu Isidro UK – Manchester @matisidro
Atmospheric Scientist Shannon Mason UK – Reading @mason_shannon

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