Those looking to work in space search here. Space jobs are listed worldwide.

North America: 41%                 Europe: 57%                     Asia: 1%                     Oceania: 1%

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Currently there are about 70 Australians working in Space overseas. We’ll work towards doing a profile on everyone and sharing their stories of how they achieved their career path as well as their day to day work in the space sector.

Profiles are being built up gradually when we have time. After we bring them online, If you have suggestions or there is someone we missed, we’d love to hear about it!

For Aussie expats working in space overseas, we have a private discussion ongoing on LinkedIn – Also the SIAA is considering a membership category for us! We will keep you updated!

While the profiles are under construction here’s some general stats:

Total Aussie Professionals working in Space overseas (Feb 2017 snapshot):



As you can see, most people found success being a Space Engineer in USA, Germany, Netherlands or the UK. But that’s not the only way to work in space! Check out our Aussie profiles and get in touch with expats to inspire your future career!

North America                      Europe                            Asia                           Oceania