Obviously there are a lot of groups. They are fragmented and exist because of personal reasons/history usually because someone wanted to be a leader, couldn’t in an existing group, and reinvented the wheel. This is an attempt to list the main ones by city so you can find a group near you and avoid starting yet another fragment.

Use the contact form to let us know if there are even more fragment groups that we missed here.

Group Location(s) Details
AIAA Sydney, Adelaide University Student Groups, Official International Branch of the AIAA. They also have parent groups in each city with professional members.
Space Industry Association of Australia National.  Mostly Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide events. Volunteer Industry Association. Formerly the Australian Space Industry Chamber of Commerce. The group behind the IAC2017 winning bid and a good conglomerate of space organisations. The website capabilities database does not vet ‘organisations’ however, so be wary of legitimacy of listed ‘organisations’. They run some events and you have to be a paid member to know details.
Space Association of Australia Melbourne Amateur group that has done a long running radio show with stellar guests. Largest and most active in the country: Monthly meetups with speakers, presentations and and planetary news are live streamed. Podcast on YouTube channel SAA TV. Very responsive on social media and currently active in mostly Melbourne but also a bit in Perth. Full archive of radio shows online.
Melbourne Space Program Melbourne University Student Group. Australia hadn’t launched anything to space since the 70s. There was a student group at Melb Uni who launched a satellite and are now retired & mentoring this new group.
OrbitOz Sydney and Adelaide Amateur Group
Sydney Meetup: last Wednesday of every month
Adelaide meetup:second Wednesday.of every month
Australian Space Network Mostly Melbourne Amateur Group with regular meetup events
National Space Society of Australia Sydney

Newcastle Space Frontier Society

Sydney Space Frontier Society

Amateur Group. Australian branch of the US National Space Society. Developed from the old L5 groups of the 70s. Facebook group here.
Runs the national space conferences, which are professional and long standing and have attracted overseas visitors over the years. Until recently there was the Australian Space Development Conference and the Australian Space Science Conference. Now the ASSC has turned into the Australian Space Research Conference and the ASDC stopped. In the US the National Space Society changed names again to be just Space Society, less nationalistic apparently, but the memo didn’t reach down under yet. There are two subgroups of SFS which have meetups: Newcastle 3rd Tuesday of each month and Sydney 2nd Monday of each month.
Mars Society Australia  Melbourne Amateur Group, Australian branch of the US Mars Society. Ran conferences a while ago. Does some meetups still and helps with Indian and US desert programs. Tried to get a Utah like base off the ground in SA/WA but just small scale temp ops so far.
Royal Aeronautical Society  National Amateur Group, Australian branch of the UK RAeS. More Air than space, but has good QinetiQ Training, regular meetings and other programs.
Australian Space Research Institute National
Mostly Melbourne
Amateur Group, Used to run the sounding rocket program with Zunis at Woomera, previously had propulsion and rocketry development. ASRI came about in the early 1990s as the result of a merger between the AUSROC Launch Vehicle Development Group at Monash University in Melbourne and the Australian Space Engineering Research Association (ASERA). Certified Woomera safety officers.
National Space Committee  Canberra Volunteer Industry Association, Part of Engineers Australia and facilitates the NASA-VSSEC prize annually.
Queensland Space Frontier Society  Brisbane Amateur Group, Historically the SFS was associated with the L5/NSSA clubs but also existed as another club. This chapter has just been re-activated in 2014. Meeting frequency to be advised.
Australian Youth Aerospace Association  National University Student Group created in 2008, Runs the excellent annual Australian Youth Aerospace Forum for Yr11-12s and the Aerospace Futures Conference since 2010 for University students looking to pursue space careers.
Australian Youth Space Society  Sydney High School Student Group, Created in 2016 by a student who attended Space Camp USA.
More Facebook Groups.. Listed here in no particular order. If you find others on FB, feel free to run them by us National Space Society of Australia

Space Association of Australia

Australian Youth Aerospace Association

Australian Space Agency Discussion Group

Australia and Space

SpaceUp Australia

AIAA Sydney Students

AIAA Adelaide Students

Australian Youth Aerospace Forum

Melbourne Space Program

Australian Alumni of ISU


Space Medicine Australia

DeltaV Spacehub

SpaceApps Challenge Australia

STEM Network

Southern Hemisphere Space Studies

Australian Youth Space Society

The Planetary Society Australia

Most people end up posting the identical thing in 3-5 of them.

Astronomy Groups are not covered on this website – the astronomy community is well established separate to the ‘space’ community in Australia. Please find more details on all the different astronomy groups here.

Space Companies are also not covered on this site. There is a good list for South Australia here. There is a very, very uncensored list for Australia wide companies and ‘companies’ here.

Twitter is very dynamic and is also not covered here. Please see the expat lists for individuals working in space to follow their handle.