August 29th deadline: Define the Australian Space Agency

Submit your inputs asap to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science who are asking the serious question: Should Australia create a space agency? And how?

Consultations will be held in person shortly after in most cities. Please do nominate yourself for this also.


Drivers of change in the international space industry sector:
• Use and capabilities of small satellites, driven through miniaturisation and a movement towards more agile development and deployment of satellites.
• The digital revolution increasing the utilisation (and value) of space-derived information and data.
• New entrants to the space sector, both in the form of the private sector and from more countries desiring to operate their own space-hardware.


Consider the questions:

• What are Australia’s space capability strengths? What are the factors that contributed to the development of these strengths?
• What are the weaknesses in the Australian space industry sector?
• What is the cross-over potential of space-related industry capabilities to the rest of the Australian technology/manufacturing sector?
• Are there space systems or activities that require Australia to maintain specific sovereign space industry capabilities?
• Are there specific space services that provide greater opportunities for the Australian space industry sector within Australia or the Australian region?
• What space products, upstream or downstream, are being exported by Australia? What products could be exported in the future?

• What elements of the global space sector are most beneficial for an Australian space industry to participate in?
• What are the key enabling technologies, infrastructure, processes and/or skills that will underpin the future of the Australian space sector?
• What are the competitive advantages available to space activities in Australia?
• What opportunities are available to develop Australia’s space industry capability?
• How can Australia grow the capabilities needed to foster an internationally competitive space sector?
• What capabilities are needed to ensure access to the space systems and data flows that are becoming critical to Australia’s economy?
• What linkages could be made between the space sector and other sectors to achieve the most benefit from the development of Australian space industry capability?
• What are the technology trends over the next 5-10 years and what opportunities/impacts for Australia?
• What ‘blue sky’ future opportunities can Australia prepare for now?

• What are the successful international models for the governance of national space activities, especially in regards to the development of space industry capabilities?
• What responsibilities appropriately fall under an Australian Government space activities governance framework?
• How should the priorities of non-government organisations be incorporated into an Australian Government strategy?

• What opportunities are available for Australia in the global space sector?
• What should the priorities be for the Australian space industry?
• How can the private sector be encouraged to invest in areas of Australia’s comparative advantage?
• Should priorities for space industry capability development be applied across all space-related research funding?
• What should the vision for the Australian space industry be?

Submissions due by August 29th, 2017

Consultation dates:

Hobart: 24 Aug, 1pm–4pm; Level 4, 86 Collins St Hobart
Darwin: 31 Aug – tbc
Brisbane: 1 Sep, 10am–1pm; Level 12, 100 Creek St Brisbane
Perth: 5 Sep, 10am–1pm; Level 25, 44 St Georges Terrace Perth
Adelaide: 6 Sep, 10am–1pm; Level 13, 26 Franklin St Adelaide
Melbourne: 7 Sep, 10am–1pm; Level 5, 111 Bourke St Melbourne
Canberra: 11 Sep, 10am–1pm; 10 Binara St Canberra
Sydney: 13 Sep, 10am–1pm; Level 5, 341 George St Sydney

It’s the final straight Australia! Let’s unite together and create our own Space Agency! 

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