Australia in Space: What the New Space Industry Means for Australia

Space technology touches all of our lives daily and the global space technology and exploration industry is worth hundreds of billions annually, stemming from the demand for growth in space exploration and technologies including satellites launch providers, spacecraft components, in-space services, software and robotics.

Many now feel that we need to set in place a comprehensive plan to build on the fledgling domestic space industry to capture the global opportunities of the booming space business.

Video, hosted by Dr Grace Lai:
Acknowledgement of Country and Carlton Connect Initiative introduction – Jacyl Shaw
Space Association of Australia introduction – Peter Aylward
MoonshotX introduction – Troy McCann
SIAA White Paper overview – Peter Nikoloff
UNSW Satellites – Prof. Andrew Dempster
Australian Space Context – Andrea Boyd
Newspace – Tim Parsons

This was followed by a panel Q&A with Peter Nikoloff, Prof. Andrew Dempster, Dr Katie Mack, Andrea Boyd and Tim Parsons.

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